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“Twisted and sick and brave and genius”, ★★★★★, Voice Magazine

“Interactive, tech-savvy and emotionally engaging dissection of the reality TV phenomenon”, ★★★★, The Stage

“Sadistic”, ★★★★, Fest Magazine

“This trashy quartet will make sure you’re entertained – no matter how high the cost”, ★★★★, ThreeWeeks

“As good as anything you’ll see on TV – with a much darker twist”, ★★★★, West End Wilma

“Leaves the audience feeling like they are trapped in a type of Milgram experiment…disturbing”, ★★★★, Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

“There is a cost for losing…[the show] neatly highlights that modern-day fame is utterly dependent on the whims of a mercurial and often cruel audience”, ★★★★, Fringe Guru

“The intrigue of this dystopia is how real it feels”, ★★★★,

“Completely different to anything we’ve seen before”, ★★★★, Pocket Size Theatre

“Expect hilarious episodes, cringing in your seat and spectators shouting out loud”, ★★★★, London Pub Theatres

“Hilariously funny…and not for the squeamish”, ★★★★, Arts Fringes

The Lists Top Theatre Picks of the Edinburgh Fringe

Time Out London and Londonist‘s Top Picks of the Camden Fringe

“Truly interactive and innovative…unlike anything I’ve ever seen before”, A Younger Theatre

Tit4Twat are winners with Losersfeature/interview with A Younger Theatre

Grab a voting handset, meet four dangerously desperate contestants and decide their formidable fates. It’s the most nail-biting TV game show of the decade, and no one’s going down without a fight.

Arthur, Rachel, Sophie and Tommy are real people, determined to make a splash in the delectable world of ‘reality’. Snubbed by Brat Camp, Bake Off and even How Clean Is Your House, they’ve concocted their own scandalous game show: a foolproof opportunity to show casting directors what they’re capable of. And you’re not just invited. You’re invaluable.

The wannabes will dance, sweat, strip, gulp and gag for your approval. So sit in the dark, press some buttons and watch the consequences unfold. Because each time one contestant’s propelled closer to stardom, the others plunge further and further into oblivion. Come on. It wouldn’t be fun if they didn’t.

Blurring lines between interactive theatre, live art and cabaret, LOSERS turns the spotlight on the dubious ethics of reality TV.

LOSERS debuted in 2015 with a month-long residency at The Rag Factory, East London. Attracting attention from Time Out London and the Guardian, it remains the bestselling show to have ever been programmed in their ‘Sewing Room’ venue. It has since enjoyed runs at the Rosemary Branch (12 nights), Camden People’s Theatre (5 nights), Etcetera Theatre (3 nights) and Warwick Arts Centre (our largest audience to date, as part of Emerge Festival).

The next stop for the show is the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe, where the company are performing at Underbelly Cowgate at 11.20pm each evening.

Devised and performed by:
Arthur Jones
Joshua Beckman (performs as ‘blue’ contestant on rotation)
Rachel Johnson
Sophie Thompson
Tom Swale (performs as ‘blue’ contestant on rotation)
Will Barratt (performs as ‘blue’ contestant on rotation)

Projection and sound design:
Arthur Jones

Voting technology provided by:
University of Warwick AV Department

“Seldom has time gone as quickly in a show as seeing #Losers by @tit4twattheatre at @theragfactory tonight. Hugely entertaining and original!” @TheatreAnimal

“I’ve seen hundreds of fringe shows. @tit4twattheatre ‘s #losersshow is one of the best I’ve seen and ends tomorrow. Go go go.” @joelormsby

“Loved LOSERS @tit4twattheatre tonight! A provocative and hilarious interactive evening with nudity and dog food #whatmorecanyouaskfor” @Ginny_Lee

“Just seen #losers at #rosemarybranch theatre. My lord. I’ve never been so amused, grossed out or uncomfortable. Ever. AMAZING! Hats off” @MariaYarjah

“Saw amazing interactive theatrical gameshow, emotional rollercoaster tonite. PLEASE don’t miss #Losers by @tit4twattheatre in @rosemarybranch” @BenDaliHypno

“#losers by @tit4twattheatre – smart, funny interactive theatre, combining satire & celebration of reality TV at its most cringe-inducing” @JeremyPiper

“I could not have enjoyed it more @tit4twattheatre #Losers” @esmelrose

“Great fun last night at @tit4twattheatre. Accessible, hilarious, interactive. More than just thinly veiled satire, highly recommended” @pace

“Go and see the Losers show – 1 hour of laughter I will remember for a long time! #losers #ragfactory @tit4twattheatre” @inasonarmour